David Light

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  • Live and Work in San Antonio Hill country and South Texas

Agent Profile

  Growing up in a south Texas ranching family gave David the understanding of the many facets of what ranch life is and most importantly the importance of quality work and delivering exactly what was promised. Living on and being around large properties gave him experiences of a life time that he is able to share with his clients and friends alike.This lifestyle also gave David a better understanding of the ranching, cattle operations, and wild life management aspect of things. .

  David makes a great fit here at Kuper Sotheby’s International because of his business ties locally and internationally. He Has traveled extensively through out Mexico meeting clients and friends while visiting new places.This gave him the opportunity to meet all sorts of people giving him a network base that is far reaching. Living around these different types of people and his family have made David who he is and has given him this knowledge to help clients find what they need. Please do not hesitate to reach out and get to know more about David!.

My Name:
David Light
Born In:
San Antonio
Languages Spoken:
English and Spanish
Whose my hero:
My grandfather
What are my favorite things about what I do:
I get to meet knew interesting people and make sure they get the service they deserve.
What are my favorite hobbies:
Playing golf and being in the great outdoors hunting and fishing with friends and family.
Whats my favorite place to visit:
I love to visit my family members in Mexico
Where did i attend college:
I graduated from the University of incarnate word
Whats my favorite sports team:
The San Antonio Spurs
Whats my favorite thing about San Antonio:
I love thats its a big city but has still got its small city charm

What do you love about San Antonio

I love that it has the best setting to raise a family. It has many things to offer young growing families.

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